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WLMP Project -


WLMP is an acronym, which stands for the first letters of Windows / LightTPD / MySQL / PHP.

The purpose of the WLMP Project is to create a LightTPD-based, secure and fast web server package
for Windows with MySQL database server and PHP support. The package is being developed by a
Hungarian team - WLMP Project TEAM - under the terms of GNU/General Public License.
The package is in Hungarian for now, but soon it will be available in English.

We host a closely related project providing unofficial Windows builds for LightTPD, which is
essential for the web server package.


LightTPD-Win32 -> LightTPD for Windows
A fast, secure and flexible web server for Windows based systems.

WLMP -> WLMP Webserver Package
A LightTPD based web server package built for Windows based systems. The package also contains
the following components: OpenSSL, MySQL, PHP, MiniPerl and phpMyAdmin.

Other -> Other downloads
Add-ons and manual upgrade packages for the components of WLMP and LightTPD for Windows.


Copyright (C) 2006-2009. WLMP Project TEAM, D-Club Soft.
lighttpd/1.4.48 (Win64)